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Order the right amount of raw supplies at the right time. Leverage intelligent AI to calculate trends and send your purchase orders automatically based on forecasted sales, production time, and historical data. See in real-time which orders are affected by any production issues.


Human Resources

Treat your candidates as you would treat customers. Track which platforms are giving you the best candidates. Get a 360 view of the employees including employment contracts, time-off requests, job applications, performance reviews, and more. Never leave your HRM again!



Finance & Accounting

Get all your sources of data in a single view and eliminate import/export between systems. Reconcile your bank transactions automatically. Only involve the right human resources at the right time based on missing data. Make reporting a breeze with real-time and accurate data and predict future trends.



Professional Services

Add business intelligence to your customer’s profiles. From a single view, see active projects, contracts, invoices, and emails. See in advance which projects are likely to go overbudget and predict the likelihood of leads turning into customers.



Cloud Services

Manage your infrastructure as code. Let the servers deploy and configure themselves based on your current needs. Handle outages automatically, and get rid of most after-hours Pagerduty alerts. Lower your compute bills and maintenance time by leveraging serverless infrastructure.




Provide the best possible customer service experience with personalized trip recommendations. See which customers are likely to book new trips and reach out to them automatically. Integrate your booking system into your CRM and make travel arrangements a breeze.




See your business trough your customer’s eyes. Provide tailor-made promotions and product recommendations to your customers. Automate your orders, accounting, and inventory management so you can focus on customer service.




Integrate legacy systems with new ones and provide self-service tools to your customers. Provide a complete view to your support agents and give them super power with AI recommendations for case solving. Interact with your servers and services directly from the ticketing system.



Other industry ?

No matter your industry, you are probably dealing with customers (either B2C or B2B), suppliers and accounting. We can automate all aspects of your business and help you understand your customers better. Reach out to us today, to see how we can help!



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