Integrated software makes copy-paste jobs a thing of the past and reporting becomes a breeze

Get a single, shared view of your customers.

Software integrations provide a comprehensive view of your customers’ history, interests, and even frustrations, all in one unique view.

As a result, you can begin to serve up experiences better tailored to their needs and elevate how they see your brand.

We will go above and beyond to find the fastest and most cost-effective way to integrate your software. From using point-and-click tools like Mulesoft / PowerAutomate / Zappier to building custom serverless Python or APEX software integrations.

Our priority is to fulfill your business needs, not to sell you on a particular solution.

Build better reports and have a 360 view

With our software integrations, you will have all your data consolidated in one system. Previously, to view all activities related to an account, you may had to open multiple interfaces such as the phone system interface to see your calls, request your colleagues to forward you the emails related to the account, and check other systems such as billing and ticketing systems for previous invoices and service tickets, among others. 

Now, seeing previous activities is only a matter of opening the customer’s account!

Almost every software can be integrated with another. You don’t need to replace what you are already using.

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Add AI Predictions

If you can’t report it, you can’t predict it.

Now, all your data is in the same place and reporting can be done in a matter of seconds. We can easily integrate prediction models into your data. So you can :

  • Predict customer attrition

  • Predict which leads have the most chances to close

  • Predict which invoices have will be paid late

  • Predict required inventory

You can predict anything! As long as you have enough past data and your systems are integrated.

You get Real Time Reporting.

Most software utilize Webhooks to transfer data as soon as it enters the system. For the few exceptions, you can get your data synced every night, or multiple times a day. No need to wait until the end of the month.

Want to take your existing software stack to the next level ?

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