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Experts Driving Your Business Transformation

All your customer data in a single source of truth

Combining your customer data using Customer 360 and Data Cloud will revolutionize your business and enhance your customer experience. By merging data from various sources and telemetry data, you can create a personalized and exceptional experience for your customers.

Transform Your Business with Salesforce

Unlock the full potential of your business with our tailored Salesforce consulting services. Whether it's optimizing your sales processes, enhancing customer service, or building customized applications, we have the solutions to drive your business forward.

Our Services

Explore our range of Salesforce consulting services designed to address your unique business needs.

Sales Cloud

Enhance your sales performance and accelerate revenue growth with our specialized Sales Cloud implementation services.

Service Cloud

Provide outstanding customer experiences and optimize your service operations across all channels, whether from the office or in the field.

Automations and Integrations

Automate recuring tasks in every aspect of the business with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Business Process Automation (BPA). Integrate any data that support REST. 

Data Cloud

Get the full view of the customer experience, across every source, by integrating sources like Snowflake, DataBricks. All in REAL TIME.

Custom Platform App Development

Create tailored Salesforce applications that align with your business processes and drive operational efficiency.

Empowering Businesses


Increase in Sales


Productivity Gain


Increase in Net Promoter Score


Increase in customer retention



Devpresso is a proud member of STIQ (Sous-traitance industrielle Québec), helping manufacturers, distributors and machining businesses with their Industry 4.0 transformation under the PODIUM program.


Since its creation, Devpresso has been a member of ATQ (Association Québécoise des Technologies). We possess a deep understanding of the industry and strive to assist our clients in consolidating data and achieving greater heights of success.

Professional Services

Project management, timesheets, and invoicing—all consolidated in one location. Harness the capabilities of Salesforce integrated with Klient PSA to streamline labor-intensive tasks. Your projects will never be the same.


Identify customers most likely to churn based on usage and behaviors. Integrate with your system for a comprehensive view of your customers' activities in PBX, accounting software, support, and future deals. Offer customer portals through Experience Cloud.

Other industries

We assist customers across various industries, including tourism, retail, and HR. If you possess multiple sources of customer data and wish to integrate and automate them, let us know, we're here to help!

Our Approach

The Key to Our Success

We know our customers

Every customer is unique and deserves a tailor-made solution. We take the time to understand your business and its specific needs to develop solutions that truly optimize your processes and productivity. Additionally, we ensure that our team deeply collaborates by sharing insights and exchanging ideas based on the unique realities of your business. This approach allows us to leverage collective expertise and deliver the best practices suited to your needs.

Agile development

Our agile approach to configuration and development ensures that your needs are quickly taken care of. We make changes in the Sandbox environment or in a locked production environment, allowing us to test and adjust. Once changes have been submitted and approved, we train you on the final product before going live. This ensures that you're completely satisfied with the changes, and that you're equipped to make the most of your Salesforce solution.

We make you autonomous

Devpresso's aim is not only to provide you with an outstanding Salesforce solution, but also to give you the skills and knowledge to take over at the end of the mandate. We offer comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure that you are fully capable of managing and optimizing your Salesforce solution.

Meet the team

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Let's explore how we can help you thrive! Book a free consultation with us today and let's dive into your current infrastructure and requirements. From there, we'll create a custom systems integration strategy that's perfect for you!

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