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Announcing CoreHR

The HRM built for small & medium businesses on the number 1 platform in the world

All the tools you want and all the flexibility you need


Employee can put their calculator down and easily find out how much time off they have while also having access to their files and schedule.

CoreHR Admin

Efficiently manage time off policies, scheduling, timesheets, and employee records. Collaborate effortlessly with colleagues using Chatter and Slack.

CoreHR Recruter

Give candidates the special treatment you would give a potential customer. Easily integrate with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

Time off management

Eliminate the guesswork from managing your employee vacation/PTO banks by offering a clear and detailed overview of remaining time. With capabilities for approving time off and accommodating various accrual policies, you and your team can set aside the calculator and look forward to some well-deserved vacation.

Employee profiles

Effortlessly maintain data in employee profiles and distribute files among your team. Have peace of mind knowing your employee data is secure on a platform trusted by governments and major corporations.


CoreHR and all the included apps will launch in French & English and will be compatible out of the box with the translation workbench of Salesforce for any other language.

Scheduling & Timesheets

Scheduling in CoreHR Admin is effortless, especially for part-time workers. Establish a Flow to automatically notify employees of schedule changes and facilitate collaboration via Chatter and Slack. CoreHR also supports timesheets, simplifying the compilation of payroll information and vacation calculations.

Recrutement Powerhouse

Treat your candidates as you would treat a lead. Easily access your conversation and meeting history with a candidate through native integration with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. Utilize templates and quick text in emails for efficient communication.

Automate and make it yours

Built on the Salesforce Platform, CoreHR can be easily customized to your needs. Automate candidate creation through web forms, alter page layouts and fields, and leverage Salesforce's built-in low-code / no-code tools for automation.

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

See it for yourself

Available End of Summer on the Salesforce AppExchange 

Will be priced at 30$USD per user per year

Compatible with Platform and most Salesforce licenses.

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